News Releases.Org Frequently Asked Questions.

Q Where do I submit a news release on this site?
A We don't at this stage accept news releases on this site. News Releases.Org is an administrative portal which processes news releases for and on behalf of affiliated sites. News Releases.Org provides access to sites that accept news releases, however the actual submissions have to be made through those sites direct.

Q Do you accept news releases for multiple sites at once?
A Not at this stage. Each news release must be submitted to each individual site. It may be a function that will be developed in the future.

Q If I submit a news release to one of the sites in your network is it guaranteed the release will be published?
A No. Each news release is reviewed and if suitable will be published. If necessary the release may also be edited.

Q How do I ensure a news release is published?
A Make it as newsworthy as possible. Avoid using promoting slogans and adjectives. Be matter-of-fact in describing what it is you are writing about. Make it look like a news article and be independent as you can make it. If a news release is informative and/or interesting and is written in a matter-of-fact way it is more likely to be published.

Q Why is a fee charged for accepting news releases?
A While we appreciate the opportunity of broadening the content on affiliated sites, there is a cost in providing resources for reviewing, editing (if necessary) and uploading news releases. We hope you appreciate the cost is a token amount and is not representative of the value of a news release being published.

Q What other advantages aside from the obvious is there of publishing news releases?
A There are other advantages aside from informing the public of an event, product, service, personnel change or whatever. These including ide notifying with a reputable news publication, having a permanent link from such a publication if you accompany a release with a link, and the advantage of being able to showcase how your product or service etc has been talked about in the news

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