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Recent News Releases:

  • 8allocate to offer American startups unprecedented access to software engineering talent

    One of the biggest issues preventing many startups in the United States from completing software goals and/or digital is ...

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  • Nass Aoun is bringing Flexi Africa to Zambia and then the whole of Africa

    Nass Aoun is the operations expert behind Flexi Africa, making sure all the wheels gears turn correctly and on time. Nass ...

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  • Missing English man located by private investigators in Pattaya

    Private investigators have successfully located a vulnerable man in Pattaya city. Kieran James, who suffers from autism ...

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  • ALGEDRA Group delivers Luxury Four Star Resort in Salalah

    ALGEDRA Group has successfully handed over another turnkey project- the Beladbont Resort in Oman. Located Salalah close ...

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